Leaving an abusive relationship

Leaving an abusive relationship

There are many things to consider when thinking about leaving an abusive relationship. Women can be at a higher level of risk at the point of leaving and after separation, and therefore it might be useful for you to seek advice from a specialist service to help you through this time. The following provide a short guide of what might be useful to consider.


Remember in an emergency call the police on 999


In an emergency:


  • Know your escape route – in an emergency situation rehearse how you (and your children) would get away safely.


  • Avoid rooms such as the bathroom as they only have 1 exit.


  • Always try to have a mobile phone available to you.


  • Call the police for help if possible.


  • Seek medical advice and have any injuries received logged.


  • Consider informing family, friends, and or any agencies of your concerns and set up a password to alert them if you are in danger.


Planned move:


  • If possible keep a spare bag ready if you need to leave in an emergency. You might be able to ask a friend to look after in for you. Remember to pack important documents, bank / post office card, medication.


  • Have a plan of where you will go – family member / emergency accommodation – ideally this will be an address the perpetrator is not aware of.


  • Contact Women’s Aid or local domestic abuse support service for support to secure temporary accommodation or refuge space.


  • Contact Women’s Aid or your local Domestic Violence Support Service for advice and support.


After you have moved:


  • Try to change your routines.


  • Take care when using social media and ensure privacy settings are in use.


  • Contact Domestic Abuse services to support you to continue to safety plan and provide you with practical and emotional support.


  • Save any messages / emails / voice messages as they may be needed as evidence.


  • Seek legal advice.

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