Cover your tracks

Cover your tracks

You may need to cover your tracks if you are worried about someone finding out that you have visited this website. To do this, you can remove your browsing history from your computer’s memory. If you want to be sure that your actions are not being tracked, the safest way to access the internet would be by using a computer at your local library, at a friend’s house or at work.


To cover your tracks, find the name of your web browser and follow the instructions below to reduce the chances of someone finding you have accessed this website:



Click on the Tools Menu and select Internet Options. On the General page, under Temporary Internet Files, click on Delete Cookies and then OK. Click on Delete Files, put a tick in the box labelled Delete all offline content and click OK. Under History, click on Clear History and then OK. Now click on the Content Tab, select Auto Complete and finally, Clear Forms.



Click on the Tools Menu and select Internet Options. On the General Page, under Browsing History, click Delete. Click on Delete All.




Click on Tools and then Options, then click on Privacy. Click on the Clear Button next to Cache and Saved Form Information.






Click on Tools and then Preferences. Click on the Advanced Tab and then the History section on the left-hand side. Click the two Clear buttons and the Empty Now button.





Incognito Mode

Also you can use the Incognito Mode. Incognito is a web browser mode that prevents any information from being stored locally on the computer you are using. For example, when you visit any web page the text, video, etc. content that is loaded is stored locally on the computer. In addition, any searches or forms that are filled out are also stored in Auto Complete fields. While in Private or Incognito mode nothing is stored to your computer – so no files are stored, no web addresses remembers and no search text you have entered into a search form text box.

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